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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Vote Jack Building Guide

Political Campaigns take a lot of work, and if we want to get Jack elected we're going to have to put the work in and make sure it's the best campaign we could run!

So, what does that mean? Well, something a little different this time, we'll actually be completing 4 different decorations, with each one having it's own build stage.

It still does mean a four stage build though, and, as ever, it has the usual mix of requests, crafting and Homestead drops.

So, everyone hit the campaign trail!

Stage One - The Soapbox

12 Grass Roots - Grass
12 Support Signatures - Direct Request
12 Flag Pin - Wall Post
10 Political Platforms - Valerian
9 Campaign Mottos - Direct Request
10 Jack Flags - Wall Post

Stage Two - Train Car

15 Political Promises - Garlic
15 Slogan Spouters - Wall Post
8 Horse and Buggy One - Crafted
12 Slanderous Political Cartoons - Hide Prepping Stations
12 Rally Attendances - Direct Request
9 Patriot Pennants - Crafted

Each Horse and Buggy requires 6 Musket-proof Glass (Glass Forges) and 8 Black "Tint" (Wall Post)

Each Pennant requires 6 Pennant Sticks (Horsetail) and 8 Jack Colours (Direct Request)

Stage Three - Debate Stage

15 Hard Hitting Issues - Worm Nests
16 Mediocre Mediators - Wall Post
9 Patriot Podiums - Crafted
20 Slung Mud - Pigs
12 Questions from the Audience - Direct Request
10 Political Talking Heads - Crafted

Each Podium requires 6 High Horses (Horseradish) and 8 Cue Cards (Direct Request)

Each Talking Head requires 6 Outspoken Individuals (Candy Flowers), 10 One Sided Opinion (Wall Post) and 4 Earnest Audience (Direct Request)

Stage Four - Campaign HQ

15 Signed Petitions - Direct Request
18 Telegraph Dispatches - Wall Post
12 Presidential Desks - Crafted
18 Campaign Finances - Fool's Gold
16 Celebrity Endorsements - Wall Post
12 Campaign Banners - Crafted

Each Desk requires 4 Ash Planks (Pine Trees), 8 Frontier Made Drawers (Wall Post) and 6 Heavy Lacquer (Direct Request)

Each Banner requires 8 Pole Pieces (Recycle Bins), 8 Mostly Clean Sheets (Direct Request) and 5 Children's Art Supplies (Wall Post)