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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Science Fair Booth Building Guide

Ever been part of a Science Fair?

One thing you know is the work it takes and there's no way the kids are doing it all themselves... the adults are getting involved!

That means what we'd come to expect, a 4 step building process with the usual combo of requests, crafting and homestead drops to get that Science Tent up... then down... then back up again!

Stage One

12 Booth Posts - Oak Trees
10 Booth Canvas - Direct Request
9 Booth Signs - Wall Post
10 Booth Stands - Plantains
10 Booth Flags - Direct Request
12 Booth Applications - Wall Post

Stage Two

20 Exotic Feed - Pineapple
10 Glass Cages - Wall Post
18 Small Pens - Crafted
12 Reptile Bedding - Foxgloves
15 Warning Signs - Direct Request
8 Exotic Displays - Crafted

Each Pen requires 3 Meshed Wire (Chickens) and 4 Short Posts (Wall Posts)

Each Display requires 6 Display Plaques (Brass Forges) and 8 Display Shelves (Direct Request)

Stage Three

15 Large Gears - Recycle Bins
16 Chemistry Books - Wall Post
9 Contraption Displays - Crafted
16 Tin Legs - Tin Forges
12 Electric Wiring - Direct Request
10 Newfangled Battery - Crafted

Each Display requires 4 Blockade Ropes (Standard Llamas) and 8 Flat Platforms (Direct Request)

Each Battery requires 6 Zinc Discs (Blue Essence Labs), 10 Copper Discs (Wall Post) and 4 Conductant Gizmos (Direct Request)

Stage Four

25 Scientific Documentations - Direct Request
20 Spirit of Cooperation - Wall Post
12 MotoTorto - Crafted
18 Scrounged Parts - Iron Forges
18 Improvised Ingenuity - Wall Post
10 Science Fair Displays - Crafted

Each MotoTorto requires 4 Salvaged Legs (Cactus), 8 Terrified Tortoises (Wall Post) and 6 Salvaged Batteries (Direct Request)

Each Display requires 10 Lots of Paper Clips (Purple Essence Labs), 8 Project Findings (Direct Request) and 5 Display Boards (Wall Post)