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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Soda Shop Building Guide

If we're going to collect and sell those bubbly drinks we're going to need to get us a Soda Shop.

That means a four step build to coincide with the missions, and it'll have all the usual mix of items.

6 per stage involving posts, crafting and homestead drops, so lets see what we're going to need to get the fizz flying...

Stage One

12 Storin' Tanks - Wall Post
10 Extra Bottles - Wall Post
10 Pourin' Funnels - Direct Request
12 Soda Stools - Direct Request
12 Booth Leather - Hide Prepping Stations
10 Booth Stuffing - Adult Standard Sheep

Stage Two

14 Parlour Mirrors - Crafted
10 Bottle Crates - Crafted
15 Soda Cappers - Wall Post
12 Ice Chests - Direct Request
12 Tabletops - Fully Grown Pine
14 Table Legs - Skulls

Each Mirror requires 5 Reflective Glass (Wall Post) and 3 Solid Frames (Oak)

Each Bottle Crate requires 8 Crate Nails (Direct Request) and 5 Thin Wood (Bamboo)

Stage Three

10 Soda Bars - Crafted
10 Mystery Sodas - Crafted
15 Soda Colouring - Wall Post
12 Soda Straws - Direct Request
16 Sweet Treats - Mountain Blueberries
18 Sugary Syrup - Sugar Cane

Each Bar requires 10 Brass Detailing (Wall Post), 6 Lockin Boxes (Tin Forges) and 6 Bar Tops (Direct Request)

Each Mystery Soda requires 5 Doc's Mystery Mix (Direct Request) and 5 Water Glasses (Recycling Bins)

Stage Four

12 Soda Kegs - Crafted
10 Old Player Pianos - Crafted
20 Fancy Glasses - Wall Post
18 Placemats - Wall Post
25 Piano Music - Direct Request
20 Nice Napkins - Silk

Each Keg requires 8 Pressure Pumps (Wall Post), 8 Pour Spouts (Steel Forges) and 6 Tap Handles (Direct Request)

Each Piano requires 9 Sound Sheets (Direct Request), 6 Rolling Pins (Prickly Pear Cactus) and 6 Piano Bases (Wall Post)