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Friday, 12 July 2013

Bess and Ted's Wedding Building Guide

Bess and Ted aren't really the Chapel kind, and there's a number of bad memories surrounding the wedding Gazebo so it's time to build up something that'll serve as a location for the batchelor party, an all reound area for getting ready, the wedding venue and the reception!

That somewhere is the Ceremony Ranch, just a three step build with the usual array of items that we'll need to complete it.

At the bottom of this page we'll also talk you through building the Blossom Barrels that will be used in the Missions.

Ceremony Ranch

Stage One

8 Night Torches - Non Sapling Pole Pines
3 Manly Stories - Snakes
10 White Doves - Wall Post
12 Fearless Soda - Direct Request
14 Speedy Boots - Direct Request
4 Tippin Gloves - Crafted

Each Glove requires 4 Strong Stitching (Adult Standard Sheep) and 3 Padded Leather (Wall Post)

Stage Two

6 Butterfield Steaks - Tipping Cows
12 Weddin Schedules - Cactus Debris
15 Lots of Ice - Wall Post
12 Chandeliers - Direct Request
8 Guest Chairs - Crafted
6 Event Tents - Crafted

(Wait, each guest gets their own chandelier and most of a tent EACH?)

Each Chair requires 6 Cloth Tops (Silk), 9 Fine Padding (Direct Request) and 6 Hay Cushions (Wall Post)

Each Tent requires 6 Tent Poles (Pine Trees), 9 Tiedown Ropes (Wall Post) and 5 Shelter Cloths (Direct Reqiest)

Stage Three

15 Free Spirits - Adult Horses anywhere
18 Throwin Rice - Recycle Bins (classy!)
16 Breathing Bags - Wall Post
12 Wedding Photos - Direct Request
10 Something Old - Crafted (Couldn't we just use Granny?)
12 Something New - Crafted

Each Something Old requires 6 Stained Wood (Bamboo), 9 Ornate Latches (Direct Request) and 5 Family Jewels (Wall Post)

Each Something New requires 4 Wedding Wool (Imported Silver Sheep), 8 Extra Thread (Wall Post) and 6 Monogrammed Initials (Direct Request)

Blossom Barrel

These are used for missions and to get Good Advice.

Harvest 5 Sparkling Roses
18 Coloured Tulips - Mixed Tulips
6 Pretty Hydrangea - Wall Post
8 Flower Ties - Direct Request
4 Elegant Soil - Crafted
4 Fancy Trim - Crafted

Each Soil requires 4 Naturla Fertiliser (Compost Piles) and 4 Wedding Dirt (Direct Request)

Each Trim requires 4 Trim Glue (Basic Stills) and 4 Cut Doilies (Wall Post)