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Friday, 19 July 2013

Spirit Animals - The Drops

 In the Monday wrapper we'll be working towards getting a set of three Spirit Animal that will follow us around on the Homestead.

However, with the special items that drop when you feed each one they may be best left where they are and fed as often as you can!

With each animal having a possible plethora of goodies these are some nice animals to have around...

So, without further ado, what does each one drop?

Spirit Bear

XP: 300
Coins: 500

Possible Drops: Eco Jacking, Gold Forge, Sharp Axe, How to Jack Lumber, Freezing Pump.

Spirit Buck

 XP: 300
Coins: 500

Possible Drops: Crop Mumbler, Brass Forge, Escargot Boost, Crop Whisperer, Sieve Station.

Spirit Wolf
XP: 300
Coins: 500

Possible Drops: Animal Magnetism, Steel Forge, Molten Cake, Shearing For Shave Tails, Spririt Flame.