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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Dying Forest Building Guide

The Dying Forest has just a small spark of life in it, so it's going to take some work to get it back to it's best!

That means a fairly standard four stage build, the kind we're used to by now.

Each stage will see the usual mix of requests, drops and crafting that we know and... love?

Then, when it's all done, the Dead Forest can power back to life!

Stage One

12 Hikin' Sticks - Fully Grown Pines
8 Sturdy Moccasins - Direct Request
9 Travel Cloaks - Wall Post
8 Trail Rations - Blackberry Bushes
12 Water Pouches - Direct Request
12 Sleeping Bags - Wall Post

Stage Two

9 Strong Spears - Bamboo
12 Campsite Torches - Wall Post
10 Humane Traps (that's humanE, not human) - Crafted
8 Sacred Stones - Rocks
14 Spirit Beacons - Direct Request
9 Natural Shelters - Crafted

Each Trap requires 4 Sturdy Sticks (Dandelions) and 6 Carnivore Bait (Direct Request)

Each Natural Shelter requires 4 Organic Tarps (American Moss) and 8 Wooden Supports (Wall Post)

Stage Three

8 Protection Wards - Moose
12 Lucky Charms - Wall Post
10 Smoke Signals - Crafted
12 Lil' Wisps - Spider Flowers
16 Fresh Incense - Direct Request
15 Spirit Flutes - Crafted

Each Smoke Signal requires 6 Green Kindling (Blazing Stars), 9 Smooth Flints (Direct Request) and 5 Signal Blankets (Wall Post)

Each Flute requires 3 Hollow Frames (Horsetails) and 4 Natural Drills (Wall Post)

Stage Four

14 Ritual Masks - Direct Request
18 Spirit Drums - Wall Post
10 Sweat Tents - Crafted
16 Natural Paints - Red Clover
16 Spiritual Tea - Wall Post
12 Simple Headdresses - Crafted

Each Tent requires 6 Ritual Water (Fountain Grass), 9 Scalding Stones (Wall Post) and 6 Bearhide Covers (Direct Request)

Each Headdress requires 4 Black Feathers (Woodpecker Crows), 8 Plain Bands (Direct Request) and 5 Coloured Beads (Wall Post)

And then it'll all look alive again!