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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Supply Depot Building Guide

Whether it's the shop front, the Llama Wagon enclosures or the stockroom, it takes a well designed building to supply dozens of gold hungry pioneers.

What that means is... well, the usual!

A four step build with a combination of requests, crafts and those all important homestead drops, 6 in all for each build section.

So, what do we need to supply ourselves before we can supply others?

Stage One

12 Clothing Racks - Wall Post
8 Rock Vapourisers - Wall Post
10 Sifting Pans - Direct Request
10 Minin' Duds - Direct Request
6 Hammer Heads - Steel Forges
12 Spare Handles - Oak Trees

Stage Two

12 Llama Bridles - Crafted
10 Alpaca Packs - Crafted
15 Spit Guards - Wall Post
14 Leadin' Ropes - Direct Request
10 Llama Treats - Olive Trees
12 Fresh Hay - Grass

Each Bridle requires 4 Fancy Bits (Gold Forges) and 6 Spit Halters (Direct Request)

Each Pack requires 4 Fibrous Straps (Asparagus) and 6 Used Rucksacks (Wall Post)

Stage Three

10 Storefront Signs - Crafted
12 Plush Curtains - Crafted
15 Rustic Paintings - Wall Post
20 Bright Paints - Direct Request
12 Ornate Tiling - Pink Lillies
18 Soft Rugs - Standard Adult Llamas

Each Sign requires 6 Tough String (Flax), 9 Blank Planks (Direct Request) and 5 Fancy Writin' (Wall Post)

Each Curtain needs 4 Curtain Rods (Bamboo) and 5 Smooth Velvet (Wall Post)

Stage Four

8 Auto Vendors - Crafted
12 Rapid Deliverers - Crafted
20 Shopping Carts - Wall Post
18 Critter Conveyors - Wall Post
15 Block N Tackles - Direct Request
20 Free Treats - Lemon Mint

Each Vendor requires 8 Metal Widgets (Popcorn Kettles), 12 Broken Carts (Wall Post) and 6 Minin' Supplies (Direct Request)

Each Deliverer requires 6 Solid Planks (Peach Trees), 9 Giant Winches (Direct Request) and 4 Snow Spades (Wall Post)