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Sunday 9 January 2011

Clearing Your Cache

Ok, admission time, we do say "Clear your cache" rather a lot and we don't often explain what we mean by that, so here goes with a by browser step by step to clear out your cache...

Google Chrome (Generally believed to be the best browser for all Zynga games)

  • Select Tools.
  • Click Options.
  • Move to the "Under the Hood" tab.
  • Click "Clear Browsing History" which will open a new menu.
  • Select just the "Empty Cache" checkbox.
  • Click "Clear Browsing Data".

  • Click the Edit Menu.
  • Select "Empty Cache".
  • Click "Empty".

  • Open the Tools Menu and select "Clear Recent History".
  • Click "Details".
  • Tick "Cache"
  • Select "Clear Now"

Internet Explorer

  • Use a much better browser, try any of the three above, you'll thank me for it.

Really? You're really insistent on using Internet Explorer? *Sigh* fine...

  • Press Ctrl-Shift-Del on your keyboard.
  • Select only "Temporary Internet Files"
  • Click Delete.
  • Go get a better browser. Seriously.