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Sunday 9 January 2011

Frontierville Posts Do Not Appear On My Wall

First off, in the short term click games on the left hand side, below your requests will be a feed of games so you can collect some items.

If the posts aren't showing up it might mean Frontierville has been hidden from your home page, if so this could fix it:

Firstly make sure you're on Live Feed not status updates. Might sound simple but it's a common problem.

Now, the next bit is complicated. Find an application on your wall, memorise the name (this sounds like a magic trick) and click the cross on the right and click Hide all by *application*.

Where the post was will now be something that says:

Posts now removed: Posts from FrontierVille will no longer appear in your News Feed. Edit News Feed optionsIt no longer has permission to post content on your behalf. It may request this permission again in the future.

Click Edit news feed options, then click applications in the window that appears.

Scroll down the list and find the application you hid, they're alphabetical, and click add to news feed. The find Frontierville and click add to news feed for that too.

If Frontierville isn't in the list, it's a deeper problem and only Facebook can solve it (good luck!)