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Monday, 17 January 2011

Taking a Screenshot To Post

How to take a Screen Shot.

Method 1
Find the Prt Scrn key on your keyboard.
Open up your Homestead and switch to full screen mode.
Press the Prt Scrn buttons (often Ctrl + Prnt scrn pressed together, or Fn + Prnt Scrn pressed together)
It will look like nothing has happened, but a copy of the image has been put on the virtual clipboard.
Go to the Start Menu and open Paint.
Once in paint click Paste.
Your image should appear.
You can use the crop tool and the resize tool from the top menu to cut your image down to the right area and size, if it's for our community the maximum side it 800px.
Save to a location you can remember on your hard drive as a JPEG, a .jpg file.

Method 2 and gives better results in my opinion (Vista and Windows 7)
Open your homestead.
CLick on the start menu and type in Snipping Tool
Open Snipping tool
Drag the curser over the image you want to capture.
This will open up a small window which has automatically pasted your image.
Save the image to the hard drive.

How to Upload onto the wall 
Take a look at this picture for details of how to upload onto our wall (click for full size)

How to Upload into a comment
Take a look at this picture for details of the button to click...

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