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Sunday, 9 January 2011

*Insert Item Here* Doesn't Appear On My Homestead

One of the problems with missions is that they make us need stuff... and quite often if that stuff doesn't appear we get mildly annoyed.


Ah debris, how we love to hate you. You're like an annoying workmate who's always there when you're trying to get something done, wanting to talk about last night's X-Factor or the price of petrol, but when you actually need him to sign off on something or help out? Rarer than granny-pants on a cast member of Sex and the City.

The problem is increased when we need a certain TYPE of debris, rocks or skulls especially as these appear much less than grass, flowers and trees.

The only answer is to leave a big space in the southern area of your homestead and hope. The debris type that appears is random chance so it might take a while for as much stuff as you need to appear.

If you have a huge space, have left it for 24 hours and NOTHING has appeared, contact Zynga.


Varmints make me a tad schizophrenic. On the one hand, at any normal time we hate varmints appearing, they use up energy and generally get in the way. However then when missions require them we wish for their appearance.

These are the basic chances of varmints appearing:


Skull - 1 in 1 (guaranteed snake)
Thorns - 1 in 3
Rocks - 1 in 5
Cactus - 1 in 7
Grass - 1 in 50

Cabbage - 1 in 33
Clover - 1 in 33
Corn - 1 in 33
Eggplant - 1 in 33
Peanut - 1 in 33
Peas - 1 in 33
Potato - 1 in 33
Pumpkin - 1 in 33
Squash - 1 in 33
Tomatoes - 1 in 33
Wheat - 1 in 33
Cotton - 1 in 50
Flax - 1 in 50
Sunflowers - 1 in 50

Oak Tree Large (7 chops) - 1 in 50 most chops, 1 in 25 on final chop.
Oak Tree X-Large (12 chops) - 1 in 33 most chops, 1 in 1 on final chop
Pine Tree Large (5 chops) - 1 in 50 most chops, 1 in 8 on final chop.
Pine Tree X-Large (8 chops) - 1 in 33 most chops, 1 in 1 on final chop

Chicken - 1 in 50
Adult Chicken - 1 in 33
Baby Goose - 1 in 100
Small/Medium Goose - 1 in 50
Adult Goose - 1 in 33
Baby Turkey - 1 in 100
Small/Medium Turkey - 1 in 50
Adult Turkey - 1 in 33

There's also a 1% chance of a ghost varmint appearing when you clobber one, which works out quite well as they also count towards totals!

Sometimes animals are rarer to appear because of glitches. If one simply wont appear after too large a time first try the related varmint cannon in case on is hiding. If nothing is there you may have to contact Zynga, but be sure to leave it a good amount of time in case they're just being shy.