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Sunday 9 January 2011

Refresh, Reload, Rollback...

You know, that would make an incredibly good 80s concept album...

Anyway, it's actually the most common and irritating problem in the Frontierville game, normally prompted by a message like this:

You then refresh the game and one of two things happen, you get the message again and get stuck in a loop of refreshing, or you get into the game and what you've done in the last 10 minutes or so has rolled back and you have to do it all over again.

Now... solutions... Well, unfortunately there isn't really any.

If you're stuck in the refresh loop try closing your browser and reloading it yourself, rather than letting the game do it for you. Because often the game is using the same files it was before it just gets stuck and this can help.

As for the rollbacks... well, what can I suggest really? If you're having them often try visiting a neighbour as this often forces the game to save but it's normally a case of just grinning and bearing it.