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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Cattle Drive Guide!

Well, here's a turn up for the books, a guide without a build!

Even though there's nothing to build in this set of missions with an exceptional 66% of mission requirements being  homestead based we thought we'd give a day by day guide to just what you'll need on your homestead for each mission and some tips on gifting.

So saddle up, grab your best lasso and rustle up some great hints with out Cattle Drive guide...

To do NOW (seriously, read this and do it before anything else, you'll thank us later.)

Make sure you have a nice amount of Adult Standard Cows, Sheep, Goats, Oxen and both types of Horse.

If you have no Pine Trees, Plant some saplings RIGHT AWAY and/or save some when debris appears.

In the end you will need to have had 18 FULLY GROWN Pine Trees on your homestead, and they take 11 days to reach full size, so put some down and check your inventory for freebies. On the Frontierville Express page we will be posting ALL the free Fully Grown Pine Tree links we have, so keep an eye.

There's also two mission brags that gift them, so keep your eyes peeled on your wall.

Free Gifts

There are two free gifts in this mission setup, Black Bean crops and Tamarillo Trees. My suggestion would be, start by sending Black Bean crops, they're going to be needed first.

After that, maybe alternate for a couple days between the crops and the trees, then concentrate solely on Black Bean crops.

The reason behind this is simple. As well as needing 40 Black Bean crops to harvest, we'll also need an item to drop FROM the Black Beans, and with drop rates being quite random we never know how many we'll need.

On the other hand we know EXACTLY how many Tamarillo trees we'll need, a maximum of 25. As the mission requirement is to tend them and as fruit trees regenerate, we don't even need THAT many... but I know lots of people will want to complete the mission in one orchard click.

So, depending on how many friends gift back, you shouldn't need too many gifting sweeps of Tamarillo Trees, but you may need a lot more Black Bean crops.

Daily Needs

OK now for a full list of what each mission requires, to help you plan ahead and know what to plant and what room to leave. Please note, due to the variation in drop rates we won't be able to give a specific "have this many..."

Mission One

Need a big space for debris to grow. Remember, DO NOT CLEAR non grass debris, the game attempts to give you a mix.

15 Adult Standard Cows to SELL

Grass for Bag of Seeds Drops (20)

Mission Two

20 Black Bean Crops - 9 hour basic grow time, 7 hours 12 minutes with Irrigation Station

Adult Standard Pigs for Thick Cut Bacon drop (30)

Mission Three

Flax for Lasso drops (20) - 8 hour basic growth time, 6 hours, 24 minutes with Irrigation Station

Standard Adult Oxen for Saddle Gloves drops (30)

Standard Adult Cows for Large Leather Square drops - Crafting (6 per item. 30 in all per mission)

Mission Four

Blueberries for Azure Paint Drop - Crafting (6 per item, 30 in all per mission) - 18 hours basic growth time, 14 hours 24 minutes with Irrigation Station.

Black Bean Crops for tin of beans drop (25) - 9 hour basic grow time, 7 hours 12 minutes with Irrigation Station

Apple Trees for Delicious Apples Drop (80)

Mission Five

Standard Adult Goats for Fresh Milk Drop (30)

Standard Adult Sheep for Wool Blankets drop (20)

Mission Six

Adult Standard Rideable Horses for Hauling Harnesses Drop (15)

Six Fully Grown Pine Trees to Chop Down

Steel Forges for Rake Head Drop - Crafting (6 per item, 24 in total per mission) - 24 hour basic growth rate, 19 hours 11 minutes with the Irrigation Station.

              Mission Seven

Standard Adult Non Rideables for Surplus Spurs drop (35)

Mission Eight

Standard Corn for Corn Feed Drop (40) - 12 hour basic growth rate. 9 hours 36 minutes with the Irrigation Station

25 Ripe Tamarillo Trees

Wheat for Hay drop - Crafting (6 per item, 36 in total per mission) - 24 hour basic growth rate, 19 hours 11 minutes with the Irrigation Station.