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Monday, 24 September 2012

Dog Show Building

Yup, there's a building, so there's a building guide!

The Show Course for the Dog Show is a three step build with the usual mix of items that are requested, crafted and found around the homestead.

So grab your collar and lead and let us take you for walkies through the requirements for building the Show Course...

Stage One
Required for Mission Two

4 Dog Crates - Crafted
9 Scratchin' Cones - Requested
20 Puppy Polish - Adult Standard Goats
6 Flea Combs - Requested
4 Treat Pouches - Crafted
1 Entry Form - Reward from Mission One

Each Dog Crate requires 12 Wooden Frames (Apple Trees) and 4 Big Bars (Requested)

Each Treat Pouch requires 4 Belt Straps (Adult Standard Cows) and 4 Belt Bags (Requested)

Stage Two
Required for Mission Three

8 Lickin' Treats - Crafted
15 Guiding Leashes - Adult Standard Sheep
8 Show Stages - Crafted
20 Ornate Collars - Requested
15 Identity Tags - Requested
1 Best Friend Book - Reward from Mission Two

Each Lickin' Treat requires 6 Lickin' Cream (Requested) and 4 Treat Syrup (Adult Standard Pigs)

Each Show Stage requires 20 Stage Hooks and 12 Stage Pins (Both Requested) and 4 Paw Pads (Adult Standard Oxen)

Stage Three
Required for Mission 4

8 Log Lifters - Crafted
8 Ring Fences - Crafted
14 Ruff Turf - Requested
20 Obedience Tests - Requested
10 Fine Shine - Feeding Pre-Scored Show Dogs
1 Chewy Ball - Reward from Mission Three

Each Log Lifter requires 4 Plumwood Rods (Plum Trees) and 6 DooDoo Claws (Requested)

Each Ring Fence requires 3 Cement Bases, 6 Puppy Pillars (Both Requested) and 4 Dog Blockers (Non Sapling Pine Trees)