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Monday, 10 September 2012

Fire Station Building Guide

It's big, it's red, it stops the fire dead...

It's time to build a Fire Station for our homesteads, so, as usual, we'll be guiding you through everything you need so you can plan.

It's a four step build with a mix of requests, crafts and homestead items, so grab your hoses and prepare to get it up on your stead.

Stage One
Required for Mission Two

12 Fire Blankets - Adult Standard Goats
3 Water Pumps - Crafted
8 Station Siding - Requested
2 Hydrants - Crafted
10 Dog Beds - Requested
2 Fire Ladders - Sour Cherry Trees

Each Hydrant requires 2 Pressure Corks (Oak Trees) and 3 Steel Cases (Requested)

Each Water Pump requires 3 Pump Handles (Requested) and 3 Water Tubes (Clover)

Stage Two
Required for Mission Three

7 Critter Stretchers - Crafted
10 Fire Station Signs - Requested
25 Burn Cream - Adult Standard Chickens
12 Firehouse Paint - Requested
6 Smoke Masks - Crafted
15 Fireproof Bark - Star Apple Trees

Each Stretcher requires 4 Elastic Loops (Requested) and 2 Leather Backboards (Adult Cows)

Each Mask requires 4 Breathing Filters (Requested) and 4 Soaked Leather (Adult Standard Oxen)

Stage Three
Required for Mission Four

8 First Aid Kits - Crafted
25 Critter Blankets - Adult Standard Sheep
8 Water Basins - Crafted
20 Ladder Racks - Requested
15 Brass Poles - Requested
20 Sturdy Pulleys - Brass Forges

Each Kit needs 4 Aid Boxes (Requested) and 4 Gauze (Sunflowers)

Each Basin requires 6 Waterproof Wood (Apple Trees), 10 Cross Beams and 8 Tight Pegs (Both requested)

Stage Four
Required for Mission Four

8 Water Basins - Crafted
8 Fire Hoses - Crafted
8 Bags of Sand - Requested
20 Warning Whistles - Requested
10 Fire Retardent - Wheat
15 Fire Marshall Badges - Fire Fruit Trees

Each Basin requires 6 Waterproof Wood (Apple Trees), 10 Cross Beams and 8 Tight Pegs (Both requested)

Each Hose requires 6 Brass Blasters and 5 Oak Pullers (both requested) and 8 Pig Skins (Standard Adult Pigs)