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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Leather Boosts Guides

So, with all these new Leather boosts, we thought it would be a good idea to get a guide up!

Without too many nasty requirements you'll soon be moving Fully Grown Trees and Varmints along with making long wait animals ready and running around the homestead like Usain Bolt!

The first part of ALL Leather Boost crafting is to get Refined Leather. That in itself doesn't give you anything, but it's a base for all the different boosts...

Each Refined Leather requires 2 Prepped Pelts (Hide Prepping Stations or Adult Standard Cows) and 3 Tanning Lime (Requested)

ALL other parts are Requested from friends.

Quicksilver Boots

One Hour of Double Speed for your Avatar.

Each Boots requires 2 Refined Leather and 3 Boot Silver

Halter Bridle

Resets a Non-Rideable Horse

Each Bridle requires 2 Refined Leather and 8 Horse Bits

Training Saddle

Resets a Rideable Horse

Each Saddle requires 2 Refined Leather and 7 Saddle Trees

Ox Harness

Resets an Ox

Each Harness requires 2 Refined Leather and 6 Harness Forms

Cattle Lead

Resets a Cow

Each Lead requires 2 Refined Leather, 3 Leather Punches and 6 Bolt Snaps

Rawhide Gloves

Lets you move Fully Grown Trees for an Hour

Each Gloves requires 2 Refined Leather, 3 Cord Thread, 6 Rawhide Straps


Lets you move Varmints for an Hour

Each Bullwhip requires 4 Refined Leather, 10 Leather Scissors and 3 Braided Poppers