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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Botanical Garden/Impressing Bess' Mom Guide

Impressing Bess' Mom Annabell is going to take a lot of work, even if none of it really goes very well...

From buying her gifts to cooking her food and finally to looking after Fanny and Hank's twins we're up against it helping Ted out here with the usual mix of requests, crafts and homestead drops!

Stage One

10 Chicken Manure - Adult Chickens
4 Flower Starts - Requested
3 Colourful Flowers - Crafted
10 Peat Pots - Drops from Grass Debris
8 Pathway Stones - Requested
3 Trellis - Crafted

Each Colorful Flowers requires 6 Cute Bulbs (White Roses) and 8 Ladybugs (Requested)

PLEASE NOTE: these are used again in a future build (10), so don't be afraid of getting more than you need as you'll be happy to have them.

Each Trellis requires 5 Oak Sticks (Oak Trees) and 6 Trellis Ties (Requested)

Stage Two

4 Thick Steak - Angus Cows
12 Hedge Trimmers - Requested
6 Botanical Bird Baths - Crafted
8 Peat Moss - Grass Debris
12 Bright Moss - Requested
10 Garden Flooring - Requested

Each Bird Bath requires Waterproof Plaster (Rock Debris) and 6 Scented Bird Water (Requesting)

Stage Three

15 Gardening Tools - Pine Trees
12 Busy Bees - Requested
10 Colorful Flowers - Crafted
10 Pond Liner - Adult Sheep
12 Baby Koi - Requested
12 Pond Bridge - Crafted

Each Colorful Flowers requires 6 Cute Bulbs (White Roses) and 8 Ladybugs (Requested)

Each Bridge requires 2 Bamboo Supports (Bamboo) and 6 Strong Twine (Requested)

Stage Four

8 Beauty Bark - Stumps
20 Exotic Butterflies - Requested
8 Botanical Garden Fence - Crafted
20 Fishy Food - Flax
12 Rare Plants - Requested
10 Botanic Garden Gate - Crafted

Each Fence requires 4 Flowery Vines (Foxglove) and 6 Fence Wood (Requested)

Each Gate requires 3 Horn Hooks (Goats), 9 Latch Screws and 6 Small Picket (Requested)