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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Companions Building Guide

Companions HQ is one of of those builds which isn't so much building stages as story stages.

Each one will guide us through what we need to train each special Companion up to Frontier-spec and get them out and about finding us goodies.

As usual it's a four step build with a mix of requests, crafting and Homestead drops. Little heavier on the crafting this time.

Stage One

10 Plant Remnants - Potatoes
4 Pet Packs - Crafted
15 Bone Treats - Skulls
6 Companion Tags - Crafted
8 Organic Fertiliser - Requested
12 Fluff 'N' Stuff - Sheep

Each Pack requires 3 Beastie Bands (Goats) and 4 Leftover Bags (Request)

Each Tag requires 2 Chiselin' Tools (Rocks) and 4 Shaped Metal (Request)

Stage Two

15 Cut Grass - Requested
15 Training Trinkets - Crafted
12 Silky Blankets - Silk Crops
8 Dousing Basins - Crafted
12 Shiny Goods - Requested
20 Pine Woodchips - Pine Trees

Each Trinket requires 2 Tuggin Ropes (Flax) and 3 Noisy Knick Knacks (requested)

Each Dousing Basin requires 3 Beat Up Buckets (Yellow Essence Labs) and 6 Fish Scented Oils (Requested)

Stage Three

10 Expired Boosts - Requested
8 Flight Badges - Crafted
12 Bird Bedding - Adult Chickens
6 Hawk Perches - Crafted
20 Raptor Rations - Requested
20 Flight Compasses - Red Essence Labs

Each Hawk Flight Badge requires 4 Chiselin' Tools (Rocks), 8 Shaped Metal and 5 Service Medals (Requested)

Each Hawk Perch requires 4 Wooden Cross Beams (Fig Trees) and 5 Concrete Bases (Requested)

Stage Four

20 Sacks of Stuff - Requested
8 Buried Trinkets - Crafted
15 Intriguing Scents - Requested
12 Burrowing Helmets - Crafted
12 Ferret Fodder - Requested
15 Burrowing Tips - Varmints

Each Buried Trinket requires 4 Tuggin Ropes (Flax) 6 Noisy Knick Knacks and 6 Bins of Dirt (Requested)

Each Burrowing Helmet requires 4 Tiny Helmets (Pecan Trees) and 5 Birthday Candles (Requested)