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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Candy Heart Crafting Guide

There are a number of different heart words you can use in your letters, but all come from one of four different types, so check below for what you'll need for each one...

Each heart can spawn a number of different words and all come from one request item and one of four different items that can drop from things on your homestead..

See at the bottom of the page for potential reward drops.

Basic Heart Words
Blue Words

Each requires 2 Vanilla Extract (Vanilla Orchids) and 2 Candy Heart Mix (Requested)

Silly Heart Words
Green Words

Each requires 3 Fruity Syrup (Gardenias/Blueberries) and 3 Candy Heart Mix (Requested)

Romantic Heart Words

Each requires 3 Chocolate Powder (Loverly Cows/Spring Flowers) and 4 Candy Heart Mix (Requested)

PLEASE NOTE, the image text is incorrect, it is Loverly Cows, NOT Cream Cows that drops Chocolate Powder

Flirty Heart Words
Light Pink

Each requires 4 Cinnamon Dust (Love Bunnies/Golden Roses) and 5 Candy Heart Mix (Requested)