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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Companions Activity and Crafting Guide

The Animal Companions are a helpful little bunch that can be sent out to find all manner of items on the homestead.

But what do they do, and how do we make them do it? Well, that's why we've written this guide!

The basics: Each animal can be sent on a job. The job takes a certain amount of time and then they return with items for your inventory. Each job takes a specific crafted item to do.

Although ANY animal can do ANY task you get an extra bonus if you use the animal with that item's speciality.

Belle the Cat
Speciality - Energy

Belle the Cat will bring back double rewards if sent on an Energy mission

Each Energy mission requires an Energy Aura.
Auras are crafted from 5 Yellow Essence (Yellow Essence Labs/Basic Stills) & 5 Glass Tubes (Wall Post)

Sam the Dog
Speciality - Crops

Sam the Dog has a 50% chance of getting Energy as WELL as Crops doing a crop mission.

Each Crop mission requires a Crop Essence.
Essences are crafted from 6 Red Essence (Red Essence Labs/Basic Stills) & 6 Glass Tubes (Wall Post)

Annie the Raccoon
Speciality - Debris

Annie the Raccoon does Debris Missions in half the time of the other animals.

Each Debris mission requires a Debris Scent.
Scents are crafted from 7 Blue Essence (Blue Essence Labs/Basic Stills) & 7 Glass Tubes (Wall Post)

Hero the Hawk
Speciality - Boosts

Hero the Hawk has a 50% chance of bringing back double the bonuses on a Boost mission.

Each Boost mission requires a Boost Bouquet.
Bouquets are crafted from 8 Green Essence (Green Essence Labs/Basic Stills) & 8 Glass Tubes (Wall Post)

Bandit the Ferret
Speciality - Mystery Items

Bandit the Ferret has a 33% chance of brining back Energy, Crops, Debris or a Boost as well as a Mystery Item when doing a Mystery Mission.

Each Mystery mission requires a Mystery Odour.
Odours are crafted from 8 Purple Essence (Purple Essence Labs/Basic Stills) & 8 Glass Tubes (Wall Post)