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Monday, 25 February 2013

Stable Building Guide

Stables need some work, just ask the Amish... and at least we don't have to pull these up by hand!

So what do we have to do? Well, we have four stages with the final one repeating to give us more spaces as we need them.

It's the traditional mix, requests, crafts and a pleasant amount of homestead drops, so lets get to finding out just what work we have to do for it!

Stage One

3 Wrangle Ropes - Crafted
4 Temporary Corrals - Crafted
5 Horseshoeing Tools - Requested
6 Blacksmith Anvils - Requested
10 Scrubby Brush - Sheep
15 Mane Soap - White Roses

Each Rope requires 4 Stiff Fibers (Flax) and 4 Tight Knots (Requested)

Each Corral requires 4 Corral Walls (Apple Trees) and 4 Long Gates (Requested)

Stage Two

5 Horse Lures - Crafted
15 Salt Blocks - Rock Debris
10 Horse Whistles - Requested
8 Horse Blinders - Requested
20 Stiff Fibers - Flax
15 Alluring Whispers - Vanilla Orchids

Each Lure requires 5 Tease Carrots (Carrots) and 6 Fishing Sticks (Requested)

Stage Three

20 Buckweat Buns - Wheat
10 Riding Gear - Crafted
20 Stable Halters - Requested
15 Worthy Hats - Requested
15 Saddle Hangers - Pine Trees
20 Beautiful Buckles - Brass Forges

Each Gear requires 4 Swine Hide (Pigs), 6 Wool Pads and 4 Trusty Bandanas (Requested)

Stage Four +
Please Note: This stage is repeatable and gives 8 slots with each completion. 

10 Hitching Post - Crafted
8 Equestrian Suites - Crafted
15 Water Troughs - Requested
20 Feed Scoops - Requested
12 Stable Design Boos - Requested
20 Fresh Feed - Alfalfa

Each Post requires 4 Log Spikes (Oak) and 4 Brass Horse Hooks (Request)

Each Equestrian Suite requires 4 Beds of Hay (Rye), 8 Equestrian Pillows and 6 Heated blankets (Requested)