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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bonfire Building Guide

Building a bonfire takes some careful planning!

The last thing we want is to start a fire that takes our whole homestead out so let us guide you through all the safe steps to building up the fire and burning it down!

It's a four stage build with a mix of crafting, requesting and homestead actions, so strap in and lets go as we find our way through all four stages!

Stage One - Pig on a Mattress
Required for Mission Two

10 Pig Massages - Requested
6 Pillow Cases - Requested
4 Mattress Covers - Crafted
Harvest 35 Beets
20 Speckled Feathers - Speckled Sussex Chickens
10 Ruined Sheets - Requested

Each Mattress Cover requires 4 Long Rope (Grass) and 6 Clean Sheets (Requested)

Stage Two - Carnival Crates
Required for Mission Three

15 Country Fair Crates - Requested
15 Old Pecan Pie - Pecan Trees
6 Carnival Corn Dogs - Crafted
10 Tent Fabric - Requested
8 Very Berry Milk - Loverly Cows
10 Torn Ticket Stubs - Requested

Each Corn Dog requires 3 Questionable Corn Dogs (Corn Dog Crops) and 6 Frying Oil (Requested)

Stage Three - Spicy Hot Bonfire
Required for Mission Four

15 Meat Tenderisers - Angus Cows
15 Wooden Utensils - Requested
6 Leftover Chilli - Crafted
10 Chilli Bowls - Requested
8 Chilli Bibs - Requested
4 Stale Cornbread - Crafted

Each Chilli requires 4 Habanero Seeds (Habenero Plants) and 6 Cracked Cauldrons (Requested)

Each Cornbread requires 12 Dried Corn (Corn), 12 Melted Butter and 8 Baking Tins (Both Requested)

Stage Four - Firefly Glow
Required for Mission Five

15 Firefly Attractant - Willow Trees
15 Bug Spray - Requested
8 Butterfly Nets - Crafted
25 Lantern Ropes - Flax
15 Long Sleeve Jackets - Requested
10 Lantern Holders - Crafted

Each Butterfly Net requires 4 Olive Poles (Olive Trees) and 4 Cheese Cloth (Requested)

Each Lantern Holder requires 4 Metal Stakes (Steel Forges), 6 Hook Clasps and 8 Lantern Casings (Both Requested)