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Monday, 27 August 2012

Prize Ponies Building Guide

Well, with every rain comes a cloud, with every rose comes a thorn and with every Prize Animal comes a build, and therefore a Frontierville Express Building Guide.

Thankfully we're down 25% again on the usual amount of builds as this one only has three upgrades to it.

Each one is the normal mix of items, so saddle up and ride along with us as we guide you through them.

Stage One
Required for Mission Two

4 Training Carousel - Crafted
6 Practice Prancers - Requested
20 Mane Mousse - Adult Standard Pigs
8 Groomin Brushes - Requested
4 Mane Scrubbers - Crafted
1 Breed Certificate - Reward from Mission One

Each Carousel requires 4 Sturdy Bases (Requested) and 4 Pony Poles (Non-Sapling Pines)

Each Mane Scrubber requires 4 Horse Hoses (Request) and 4 Scrub Handles (Grass)

Stage Two
Required for Mission Three

8 Saddle Snacks - Crafted
20 Horse Blankets - Adult Standard Sheep
8 Parade Pedestals - Crafted
20 Ornate Reins - Requested
15 Side Saddles - Requested
1 Best Breed Wreath - Reward from Mission Two

Each Saddle Snack requires 4 Hay Bags (Requested) and 4 Rolled Hay (Flax)

Each Parade Pedestal requires 3 Ninny Nails (Requested), 4 Stage Stilts (Apple Trees) and 6 Balance Springs (Requested)

Stage Three
Required for Mission Four

8 Beauty Paste - Crafted
8 Struttin Stages - Crafted
15 Parade Shoes - Requested
20 Hoof Polish - Requested
10 Flower Scent - Feeding Sweet Feed to a Horse
1 Pooper Scooper - Reward from Mission Three

Each Beauty Paste requires 6 Sweet Oils (Requested) and 4 Egg White Cream (Adult Standard Chickens)

Each Struttin Stage requires 20 Hoof Steps and 12 Horse Courses (Both Requested) and 4 Oak Pegs (Non Sapling Oaks)