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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Buying Tools

One of the lesser known things in Frontierville is the excellent set of Tools you can buy from Bart on the Pioneer Trail, from bigger versions of our standard Feeder and Harvester to all new items.

So, a quick guide!

First up you need to find Bart, so click the Travel Button...

And go to either Pioneer Trail, or Fort Courage.

When you're there, look around for the crafty looking guy with a big wagon, click him and select Bart's Bargains! (This is his location in High Plains and the Fort).

And lo, under the Specials tab tools doth glow upon our eyes like the most beautiful sunset, for almost every task imaginable!

Now we just need one that makes chopping easier... ;)

The tools, as you'll see, are bought with Prize Tickets. Those can be got by doing Trail missions or, as member Trisha Schnatterly pointed out, by planting and harvesting Blueberries on your homestead, each Blueberry Collection gives 50 Prize Tickets!