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Friday, 17 August 2012

Doc's Diagnosis - Frozen Game

[One of the most frustrating things about issues is not knowing why they happen, so when we can provide a diagnosis we will, in a Doc's Diagnosis feature where Doc Auburn MD tries to explain WHY something is happening, even if he may not have a cure yet.]

The Illness: Statue Syndrome/Bad Cow Disease/Lockgame

The Symptoms: The Patient suffers from sudden bout of freezing, standing perfectly still for a varying length of time, depending on the action taken prior to "Statueing". Current cause is feeding cows in the Barn. Previous causes have included travelling, opening collections or searching the inventory.

The Diagnosis: This happens when the Patient is being overstressed, being asked to do too much and they have a minor meltdown. At first guess I would suggest it's due to the amount of stuff dropping from the item being actioned on.

Each time the Cow is tended the Patient is having to roll a digital die to decide whether a certain item is dropped, then times that by the amount of possible items and then multiply AGAIN by the number of Cows being tended.

Doing this over and over again for mission items, collection items and standard drops is hugely sapping on the Patient when done in the Barn on multiple Cows and causes them to put everything they have into that one activity, stopping any multitasking.

Usually this freeze will be short term, the Patient will be revived and can go about their daily business in a usual fashion.

The same freeze can be seen when chopping trees, however as this is just a SINGLE action, it's far less noticeable.

Mitigating Factors: Unfortunately the performance of the patient's equipment can have an effect, which shows in the wildly varying severity of the illness. Some may see mere moments of freezing, others may find the patient crashes completely.

The better the memory of the Patient, the better their chances of minimal effect. This can sometimes cause confusion or annoyance, a full cure should solve this issue and allow Patients of varying performance level to compete on an even footing.

The Cure: Lessen the stress on the Patient. If tending cows in the Barn, do just a few at a time. If you get a message about Flash not responding, press no and wait.

Administrating Doctor

Doc Auburn MD