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Monday, 20 August 2012

Rescuing Jack Guide

As any good Cave Rescue team will tell you, it's not easy spelunking down and rescuing someone from a cavern, it takes a lot of work and a lot of equipment... so that's where we come in.

This is a full guide of what you'll need to complete the Jack Rescue missions. It's the usual mix of request items, crafted items and homestead items, with one item each time coming from a previous mission

So strap on your rope and tackle and lets get going.

Stage One - Hole-Y Moley
Required for Mission Two

8 Diggin' Picks - Requested
8 Broken Rubble - Rock Debris
6 Mine Carts - Crafted
12 Diggin' Shovels - Requested

Each Cart requires 4 Wooden Carts (Large Standard Oak Trees [7 or 12 chops]) and 4 Sturdy Wheels (Requested)

Stage Two - Shed Some Light On It
Required for Mission Three

8 Miner's Lanterns - Crafted
10 Sun Mirrors - Requested
15 Waxy Candles - Adult Cows
8 Cart Tracks - Crafted
1 Diggin Directions - Reward from Mission Two
15 Lantern Oil - Requested

Each Miner's Lantern requires 3 Long Burning Wicks (Flax) and 5 Metal Casings (Requested)

Each Cart Track requires 2 Sturdy Rails (Steel Forges) and 6 Solid Spikes (Requested)

Stage Three - Root of the Problem
Required for Mission Four

10 Pruning Shears - Crafted
15 Root Breakers - Requested
8 Chopped Roots - Standard Pine and Oak STUMPS
10 Root Axes - Crafted
1 Cave Coordinates - Reward from Mission Three
20 Root Sickles - Requested

Each Pruning Shears requires 3 Long Handles (Standard Non Sapling Pines) and 5 Broad Blades (Requested)

Each Root Axe requires 6 Double Axe Heads (Requested) and 4 Solid Shafts (Cherry Trees)

Stage Four - Growls in the Deep
Required for Mission Five

9 Cart Tracks - Crafted
15 Liquid Courage - Requested
15 Big Sticks - Fully Grown Willows
10 Creature Cages - Crafted
1 Miners Map - Reward from Mission Four
20 Pot Helmets - Requested

Each Cart Track requires 2 Sturdy Rails (Steel Forges) and 6 Solid Spikes (Requested)

Each Cage requires 10 Trigger Plates, 8 Unsprung Springs (Both Requested) and 3 Burly Bars (Brass Forges)