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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Frontier Game Building Guide

Another day, another building guide!

We'll be helping you out as per usual with a full walkthrough of all the building needs for both the three games and the Frontier Torch, the associated build that comes along with them.

First up we'll cover the three different items needed for the three different Frontier Games, all of them need one item the same that drops from homestead goodies and one individual item. Then we'll cover the Building.

Game Crafts

Frontier Saw
Required for Choppin' Wood Games
Unlocked from the start and needed in Missions One and Two

Each Saw requires 2 Frontier Spirit (Frontier Flowers, Occasionally Wheat, RARELY Frontier Games) and  3 Durable Saws (Requested)

Frontier Rockhammer
Required for Chippin' Rocks Games
Unlocked after Mission Two and needed in Mission Three

Each Rockhammer requires 2 Frontier Spirit (Frontier Flowers, Occasionally Wheat, RARELY Frontier Games) and  3 Rockhammers (Requested)

Frontier Pulley
Required for Pullin' Weeds Games
Unlocked after Mission Three and needed in Mission Four

Each Pulley requires 2 Frontier Spirit (Frontier Flowers, Occasionally Wheat, RARELY Frontier Games) and  3 Simple Pulleys (Requested)

Frontier Torch

Stage One - Required for Mission Two

6 Running Shoes - Requested
10 Flags of the World - Clearing Debris on NEIGHBOUR Homesteads
10 Opening Ribbons - Requested
8 Frontier Wreaths - Crafted
6 Frontier Juice - Requested
4 Admission Tickets - Requested

Each Frontier Wreath requires 3 Perfect Olives (Olive Trees) and 5 Green Wreaths (Requested)

Each Frontier Juice requires 4 Plum Juice (Plum Trees) and 4 Glass Mugs (Requested)

Stage Two - Required for Mission Three

15 Construction Certificates - Requested
30 Large Flowerbeds - Red Roses
20 Sturdy Screws - Requested
8 Worker Refreshments - Crafted
10 Large Bleachers - Crafted
8 Hefty Toolboxes - Requested

Each Worker Refreshment requires 4 Sugary Orange Juice (Orange Trees) and 6 Large Pitchers (Requested)

Each Large Bleacher requires 4 Strong Oak (Fully Grown Oak) and 5 Seat Backs (Requested)

Stage Three - Required for Mission Four

15 Frontier Megaphones - Requested
30 Bronze Medals - Steel Forges
20 Gramaphones - Requested
8 Finished Silver Medals - Crafted
6 Finished Gold Medals - Crafted
10 Frontier Podium - Requested 

Each Finished Silver Medal requires 6 Silver Medal Molds (Frontier Medal Trees), 12 Silver Ore (Requested) and 8 Fancy Red Ribbons (Requested). 

Each Finished Gold Medal requires 6 Gold Ore, 12 Gold Medal Molds (Both Requested) and 6 Fancy Ribbons (Weighed Prize Pigs)