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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Grizzly Taming Guide

If we're going to trap and tame a Grizzly it needs to be done right... So it's time for another Frontierville Express missions guide.

The trap is only a three stage build (yay, 25% off!) with the usual mix of request items, homestead items, a bit of crafting and some mission rewards.

So let's get to it, Ted is stuck up some rocks with a bear behind and we need to rescue him!

Stage One - Grizzly Cage Construction
Required for Mission Two

6 Catch Poles - Crafted
8 Hefty Rope - Requested
10 Reinforced Boards - Large Pine Trees (5 or 8 chops)
8 Screws - Requested
6 Large Pulleys - Requested
1 Durable Hammer - Reward from Mission One

Each Catch Pole requires 4 Wooden Poles (Requested) and 4 Small Ropes (Flax)

Stage Two - A Bearable Picnic
Required for Mission Three

15 Fresh Honey - Requested
7 Catfish Fillet - Requested
20 Bowls of Blueberries - Blueberry Crops
10 Tasty Trout - Requested
8 Smoked Salmon - Crafted
1 Large Basket - Reward from Mission Two

Each Smoked Salmon requires 6 Fillet Knives (Brass Forges), 8 Large Salmon and 6 Wood Chips (Both Requested)

Stage Three - Captivating Catch
Required for Mission Four

10 Bear Taming Treats - Crafted
10 Long Leashes - Requested
35 Piles of Pine Nuts - Colorado Pinyon Trees
4 Cozy Beds - Crafted
15 Bear Harnesses - Requested
1 Safety Gloves - Reward from Mission Three

Each Grizzly Taming Treat requires 6 Deer Jerky, 10 Salty Seasoning and 5 Calming Leaves (All Requested)

Each Cosy Bed requires 4 Fluffy Pillows (Requested) and 5 Cotton Blankets (Cotton)