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Monday, 6 August 2012

Lost Crate Building Guide

So, what does Gramps' Lost Crate hold for us?

Well, it holds a three stage "build" as we break open the crate and then work our way through opening up it's contents!

So hold onto your crowbars and let us guide you through everything you'll need to crack open the crates and get that sought after Lumber Tree Serum!

Stage One - Open The Crate
Required for Mission Two

6 Box Cutters - Crafted
12 Work Gloves - Adult Cows
8 Metal Wedges - Requested
5 Twine Snippers - Crafted
4 Rubbish Bins - Requested

Each Box Cutter requires 4 Razors and 4 Metal Handles (Both Requested)

Each Twine Snipper requires 3 Sharp Blades (Requested) and Ox Horn Handles (Oxen)

Stage Two - What's In The Crate
Required for Mission Three

10 Claw Hammers - Crafted
15 Lockpicks - Requested
1 Trunk Tag - Reward for Mission Two
20 Work Gloves - Adult Cows
10 Rubbish Bins - Requested
10 Chain Cutters - Requested

Each Claw Hammer requires 3 Claw Heads and 4 Willow Handles (Both Requested)

Stage Three - Crack Open The Safe
Required for Mission Four

12 Safe Cracking Stethoscopes - Crafted
20 How The Tumblers Turn - Requested
1 Granny's Locket - Reward for Mission Three
10 Dynamite - Crafted
20 Safety Goggles - Sieve Stations
15 Metal Saws - Requested

Each Safe Cracking Stethoscope requires 6 Acoustic Cups (Requested) and 3 Listening Tubes (Non-Sapling Redwood or Oak)

Each Dynamite requires 7 Waxed Tubes (Requested) and 4 Nitroglycerin (Adult Pigs)