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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Civic Centre Building Guide

So, here we go, you knew it was coming :D

Another building, especially a building storage building, is going to take building (I know) so that means another of our building guides to make sure you know what's coming up and what you'll need from where!

The building will be the standard mix of crafted items, requested items and items from our homestead, so strap in, Civic up and let's get going!

Stage One - Make Room for the Telegraph Station
Required for Mission Two
Stored Buildings - Telegraph Station - Wishing Well

5 Concrete Blocks - Crafted
10 Morse Keys - Requested
15 Electric Wiring - Requested
8 Updated Codes - Requested
15 Buried Coins - Potatoes
8 Well Diggin' Kits - Requested

Each Concrete Block requires 3 Crushed Rocks (Rock Debris) and 3 Concrete Mix (requested)

Stage Two - Finish the Fine Arts Department
Required for Mission Three
Buildings Stored - Library - Museum

4 Cave Bear Exhibits - Crafted
10 Dewey Cards - Requested
20 Librarian Glasses - Requested
20 Art Frames - Requested
15 Metal Plaques - Brass Forges
12 Dusty Bookcases - Requested

Each Cave Bear requires 4 Grizzly Furs (Bears) and 8 Wooden Skeletons (Requested)

Stage Three - Add the Sheriff Wing
Required for Mission Four
Buildings stored - Sheriff Office - Sheriff Academy - Jail - Courthouse

8 Glazed Donuts - Crafted
5 Judge Wigs - Crafted
10 Bounty Boards - Requested
10 Tough Iron Bars - Requested
25 Warm Coffee - Coffee Trees
8 Shiny Badges - Requested

Each Donut requires 4 Sweet Dough (Wheat) and 4 Hot Oil (Requested)

Each Wig requires 6 Soft Wool (Adult Standard Sheep) 8 Wig Bases (Requested) and 10 Head Measurements (Requested)

Stage Four - Store Government Buildings
Required for Mission Five
Buildings Stored - Town Hall - Clock Tower

10 Concrete Blocks - Crafted
8 Blackboards - Crafted
15 Voting Booths - Requested
20 Hall Passes - Requested
30 Shiny Apples - Green Apple Trees
16 Giant Clock Hands - Requested

Each Concrete Block requires 3 Crushed Rocks (Rock Debris) and 3 Concrete Mix (requested)

Each Blackboard requires 4 Willow Frames (Willow Trees), 8 Writing Chalk (Requested) and 10 Writing Surfaces (Requested)