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Friday, 17 August 2012

Shockwave Flash problems

[Please note that changing other settings that those explained in this article MIGHT cause issues, please follow the instructions carefully. If you use Firefox, simply try to update Flash HERE]

 Recently a LOT of people have been having issues with laggy gameplay, the Flash script stopping working and other Flash based issues.

There is one possible reason for this if you use Google Chrome, and that is that there are two versions of Flash "competing" on your system. This happened to me recently and caused the above issues.

Chrome updates Flash automatically BUT, if the Flash on your PC isn't up to date it can sometimes leave in a ghost second version that causes issues. Removing this means going into the bowels of Chrome but trust me, it's nowhere near as hard as you think.

First, click on the address bar above the window and type in - chrome://plugins (note the colon in the middle and TWO slashes).

Check the Details option top right, if it has a plus sign, click it.

Flash will likely be the first item and you will likely find you have 2 Versions and it will say:

Under that you'll see this:

As you can see, the two versions have two different locations, one includes the word "PepperFlash", and one includes "SysWOW" or "System32" depending on your Operating System. (Others may also vary, basically whichever one ISN'T PepperFlash)

Click "Disable" under the one that is located in the SysWOW folder.

Any plugins that are grey are disabled so your screen should now look like this:

Reload Chrome.

Hopefully, if fingers were crossed and deities prayed to this may have helped your game along!